Introduction to SmartCrypto

SmartCrypto offers trusted-solutions in a rapidly changing zero-trust world.

Johannesburg, 01 Nov 2021
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Historically, crypto was niche, complex and expensive but is now needed mainstream due to the lack of trust. SmartCrypto’s vision is to make life safer by investing in cryptographic innovation and promoting economic trust in Africa and the 1Billion.

This is done by making cryptography accessible to all enterprises at an affordable price. SmartCrypto’s core value offering is our trusted-intelligence that together with our global partners in a collective and collaborative network, are able to offer trusted-solutions with confidence

Incorporated in 2016 with over 25 years of founder members’ experience, SmartCrypto started with trusted-technology in general purpose and payment HSMs, for the banking industry in South Africa. Since then, SmartCrypto has grown and expanded its Southern African footprint, providing trusted-solutions such as crypto storage, processing and encryption, key management, certificate automation, access control and public key infrastructure, along the lines of our golden thread.

The golden thread is a complete end-to-end key and certificate trusted-solution, that has been carefully put together for customers seeking to implement a zero-trust architecture. Whether you start small or large, the step-in-step-up plan provides a roadmap of scalability and efficiencies when implementing crypto. With proven experience and level of service, SmartCrypto has become a Thales Platinum Partner committed to the customer.

SmartCrypto’s service line can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud interchangeably, as no other solution can match the flexibility and capability to extend the crypto security domain over multiple and public clouds. Put your trust in SmartCrypto to take you to the cloud safely, providing one pane of glass for hybrid and multi-cloud environments for all your crypto needs.

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