Data protection no matter where it resides

Johannesburg, 14 Jan 2022
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Following on from our introduction to data protection, we all know and realise that it is a huge topic. Partnering with SmartCrypto makes your journey as simple as possible – using our trusted solutions and smart technologies, while achieving the best ROI for your cryptographic solutions.

Rising data breaches and stringent compliance mandates add pressure on SMEs to protect sensitive data wherever it resides. Getting this right is imperative in maintaining business continuity, supply chain integrity and your reputation.

Many SMEs are challenged when it comes to knowing where all the sensitive data resides. Another challenge is having the resources and skills to deploy the required smart technologies. The increased adoption of encryption solutions has improved security but has also challenged many a security team that is now tasked with managing a variety of cryptographic keys. And lastly, most data storage devices and structured data include the option of native encryption that then need to be integrated into key management systems for improved interoperability and key life cycle management to avoid becoming islands of encryption.

Data discovery, encryption and key life cycle management are proven smart technologies that allow SMEs to secure themselves from data breaches and achieve compliance mandates.

For many SMEs, deploying encryption and data protection can be daunting.

SmartCrypto offers trusted solutions to your data protection needs.

Discover, protect and control sensitive data both on-premises and in the cloud, accelerating time to compliance as well as securing cloud migrations.

Let our trusted solutions help you discover and encrypt all data sources, including:

  • File servers;
  • Databases;
  • Big data;
  • Virtual servers; and
  • Public clouds.

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