Prevent Downtime with Stratus Fault-Tolerance & High-Availability Solutions

Application downtime at the wrong time, even for just a moment, can have a severe impact on operations for businesses large and small. The risks include extreme financial loss, customer dissatisfaction, loss of productivity, and even loss of life. Stratus' solutions involve products and services customized to fit your business needs of maximum availability.

By Need


Whether you’re a fully staffed data center in a large enterprise or a small-to-mid-sized business lacking in IT expertise, we offer a range of virtualization solutions engineered to address your specific requirements.


The need for always-on applications has become more pervasive across all market sectors and we have developed solutions – platforms, software and services – to ensure your applications are continuously available.


The move to the cloud can be daunting considering the complexity and availability challenges it presents. Our Cloud Beta Program will help you overcome these hurdles.

By Industry

Building Automation & Security

Companies of all sizes rely on solutions from Stratus to ensure around the clock protection of their video monitoring, access control and other building security and automation systems.

Financial Services

Retail banking, corporate banking and capital markets companies alike depend on Stratus to guarantee 24/7/365 availability of their essential services and systems.


Hospitals, clinics and medical practices count on Stratus to ensure 24/7/365 access to clinical and administrative applications essential to safeguarding patient health and quality of care.


Manufacturing companies across major industry sectors are trusting Stratus to prevent their MES, plant automation and data historian applications from downtime.

Public Safety & Government

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and first responders rely on stratus to ensure their most critical applications are available 24/7/365.


Leading retailers and distributors turn to Stratus to ensure availability of transaction processing, ordering and materials handling systems.


The world's top network operators, service providers and solution developers depend on Stratus to provide round-the-clock availability of their applications to maximize revenues and reduce churn.

Travel & Logistics

To stay profitable and competitive, travel, transportation, and logistics companies look to Stratus solutions to maximize availability while minimizing IT costs.

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