TCM and Cisco: Using infrastructure to address three challenges organisations face

Technology Corporate Management (TCM) and Cisco are able to design and implement solutions that allow businesses to successfully leverage network and data centre investments to maintain a functional work environment, while retaining manageability. Powered by Cisco.

Johannesburg, 04 May 2020
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Leveraging network and data centre infrastructure in a highly uncertain landscape has never been more challenging or more critical.

Organisations need to carefully manage fewer resources while maintaining exceptional service to delivery units. Businesses need to be digitally transformed in order to meet the demands of today’s technology and innovation, while enabling flexibility without disrupting day-to-day operations.

As organisations realise the need to be flexible in providing users with access to data and applications, the network plays a fundamental role in delivering solutions for functionality and optimisation. The manner and speed at which access is provided directly affects the quality of operations and efficacy of applications.

Here are three challenges that organisations are currently facing:

Challenge 1: Managing resources without compromising quality of service

Maximising resources is a key focus area for all organisations. Entities that expect to survive the current global complexities will need to find smarter ways to deliver an exceptional service while trimming resources.

In driving strategies of efficiency, processes are being streamlined to reduce resource deployment, and technology deployments need to align to such. A success factor in this achievement is the allocation of relevant resources for the ability to optimally utilise infrastructure.

Challenge 2: Embracing digital transformation without disruption

Businesses may possess legacy network architecture that no longer meet business needs practically. In instances where an environment doesn’t provide adequate networking infrastructure, this change can be daunting. In a blueprint where redundancy is required, and disruption is unaffordable, mindful architecture and the introduction of new technologies need to be skilfully combined to ensure optimal functionality.

This will allow for a sensible balance of financial, time and skill resources. A success factor in any digital transformation initiative is the availability of a sound network, using the most suitable protocol. Moving beyond just connectivity to become a platform for insights, automation and security, the Cisco-powered network drives digital transformation.

Challenge 3: Compliance and visibility

Flexibility in working arrangements is being increasingly driven by the forces that organisations experience, as well as the way the business world engages. Data access and storage regulations are becoming more complex. As a result, there is a requirement to incorporate appropriate measures within business processes. In managing risk and security, governance relating to information is often dictated by legal, internal and other stakeholder obligations.

For many enterprise-level organisations, ease and simplicity in accessing data needs to consider hybrid environments, where business needs often steer requirements relating to data management.

With the need for increased transparency and security, an understanding of the organisation’s customised connectivity and data access configuration must exist. A success factor in achieving compliance is understanding how data is accessed and interacted with. This will provide the basis of how data management policies can be translated into the implementation of network system parameters and features.

Addressing these three challenges

TCM uses Cisco’s technology platforms to enable enterprises to navigate these obstacles, using its solution design facilities and expertise. Risks are minimised through exercises that aim to apply technology that automates governance tasks. The position on its path to digital transformation is considered to realise future returns as its digital journey progresses.

As a trusted provider of connectivity and data centre solutions, TCM provides Cisco solutions, which:

  • Ensure that devices are configured correctly and software imaged, through automated processes. Policies are translated into infrastructure configurations by device. The automation of such processes helps eliminate errors and make the network more agile because changes can be made rapidly across many of Cisco’s software-enabled platforms. Cisco networks are designed with simplicity in mind for all sizes and types of environments – whether managed on-premises or from the cloud – they are powerful and customisable right out of the box.
  • Provide controlled connectivity reliability. Software-defined networking solutions from Cisco allow for streamlined security and accessibility across hybrid environments. Complexities arising from distributed workloads and multiple protocols are simplified. Deployment and effective management capabilities are embedded into these solutions. With Cisco AnyConnect and Duo, compliance around securing users’ remote connections to business resources is handled via VPN, with multi-factor authentication to create truly secure access. This is enhanced with policy control and reporting for easy management. Solutions are tailored to fit unique network challenges to deliver automation, simplicity and security; this enables improved performance and user experience.
  • Enable flexibility as users are no longer located in centralised or physical hubs, and neither are security threats. With workloads existing in hybrid environments and on widespread devices, security needs to be native and robust in all connectivity points. Recognising that threats are not just from the outside, enterprise networks must step up to these challenges. Cisco security technology provides full visibility, reduces the attack surface, accelerates incident response and identifies breaches before they can spread. True scale can be achieved through simplified hyper-converged infrastructure with Cisco HyperFlex. The platform includes tools for application performance monitoring, application placement and cloud mobility so that design and deployment meet business needs. Cisco HyperFlex Anywhere extends the simplicity of hyper-convergence from core to edge and multi-cloud, putting IT at the centre of rapid innovation in a world where data is everywhere.

TCM, as a Cisco partner, continues to deliver solutions and service excellence to its cross-industry customer base. The Cisco solutions offered by TCM assist in implementing solutions for connection, security, collaboration and hyper-convergence and simplify integration. The Cisco technologies affords businesses powerful technology needed to supercharge operations, all designed for simplicity, scalability and value.

With an appreciation for the importance of strategic connectivity within the user, campus and data centre environments, TCM empowers businesses to embark on strategies that create long-lasting foundations for digital transformation. In a post-COVID-19 world, businesses will be required to enhance their relevance and efficiency, where innovation will need to be prioritised over any attempt to stretch obsolete technology frameworks. These Cisco technologies implemented by TCM enable innovation while reducing complexity and growth challenges.

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