Who we are

Ukuvuma was founded in 2013 by a team of cyber and information security experts and enthusiasts. While we’re part of the Ukuvuma Group of companies, we operate independently and are completely self-sustained.

What We Do

Imagine that jumble of old cables and cellphones most of us have in our desk drawers. That’s kind of what the world of cyber security looks like today. Companies tend to purchase a pile of security solutions to fill the gaps in their line of defence. But the truth is, the technology is often out-dated or companies don’t know how to properly apply them. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping businesses sort out and de-clutter their security systems.

We do not rip out and replace the security systems that companies have already invested in, but rather augment them with ours. We offer streamlined, highly efficient alternatives that can zoom in on the most advanced threats out there today. Every product we put into place has a reason for being there and does what it is there to do.

We operate within the world’s largest threat intelligence network

and use it to our advantage to ask the all-important question: “Where are you vulnerable?” Using razor-sharp analytics, we provide visibility, reveal the meaning behind the security measures we deploy, and actively hunt for threats across all industries.

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