White paper: 2020 CIO cloud data management initiatives

Johannesburg, 28 Apr 2020
Read time 50sec

An important goal of digital transformation is to automate routine operational tasks without sacrificing service to customers and partners. According to results of Frost & Sullivan’s digital transformation survey, 99% of businesses are engaged in some stage of a digital transformation. But the digital transformation journey is not without challenges. Businesses struggle with everything from skills gaps to security, from data migration to application performance.

Among global C-level business leaders surveyed by Frost & Sullivan about their companies’ digital transformations, 44% said improving customer experience and satisfaction was a key goal, and 41% cited improving operational efficiencies. Tactical steps towards achieving these goals include deploying automation to increase agility, leveraging data to make critical decisions and streamlining operations to reduce costs.

This executive brief examines the challenges enterprise businesses face on the journey to digital transformation, potential solutions to overcome those challenges, and services that can help you on your journey.