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    South Africa is still in the early stages of adopting Edge computing, which is surprising considering the benefits it hold for regions with connectivity challenges.
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    When it comes to the remote office branch office (ROBO), ensuring availability is key to mitigating vulnerability.






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    The company won the first HPE Momentum Technology Partner of the Year 2018: Data and Analytics Solutions Award.
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    These are the top five factors to consider in choosing the right cloud backup and DRAAS solution for your multi-cloud strategy, says Veeam Software.
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    It's quite shocking to learn how wide the gap is between what business expects in terms of uptime and data availability, and what IT is genuinely able to deliver.
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    More companies are utilising multi-cloud strategies, but just keeping data in the cloud doesn't make it safe; it requires a proper backup strategy, says Gregg Petersen, regional sales VP for MEA at Veeam.
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    South Africa is beginning to lag behind other nations in today's information-driven world. Catching up will require the political will to revise the POPI Act and to get the Information Regulator up to speed.
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    Even at this late date, though, it is possible for organisations to take steps to better position themselves to support GDPR requirements, says Veeam Software.





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    Companies have to ask themselves how far along they are on their journey towards compliance with data privacy legislation, and whether they can prove that they are, in fact, compliant, says Claude Schuck, regional manager for Africa at Veeam.
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    Veeam shares its GDPR compliance experience.