White paper: Govt agencies face hurdles in leveraging, protecting their data in a multi-cloud world

Johannesburg, 20 Jul 2020
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The full effects of the ongoing digital transformation movement are tough to predict, but one outcome is certain: the amount of digital data being generated will continue to grow at a breakneck pace. Digital devices, ranging from smartphones to Internet of things (IOT) devices, already number in the billions, and thousands of once-manual business processes are rapidly being automated. The result: digital data truly has become the fuel that powers – and differentiates – all modern organisations.

Extracting value from this mushrooming data resource has become a pressing priority for businesses, educational institutions and government agencies. To identify trends and other meaningful patterns hidden within the data ocean, organisations of all types are investing in big data analytics products and services along with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

However, before they can even begin to capitalise on digital data’s boundless potential, organisations must first address several fundamental data management requirements. Beyond the initial collection, cleansing and storage of data, those requirements involve ensuring that data is always available, that it is secure, and that it can be moved easily as needed across both on-premises and cloud-based environments.