White paper: Designing, budgeting for AWS Object Storage with Veeam

Johannesburg, 17 Mar 2020
Read time 50sec

Data growth and compliance requirements are demanding longer-term data retention. This is driving the need for scalable, lower-cost data storage solutions. 

Veeam Cloud Tier with Copy Mode is a compelling alternative to traditional backup copies. However, while Veeam doesn’t charge on storage capacity, it is important to understand how Veeam Cloud Tier functions and interacts with cloud storage. 

Cloud storage pricing can grow exponentially when your backup strategy is not designed appropriately. It’s straightforward to work out the eventual capacity used in object storage, but it’s somewhat harder to predict the cloud provider’s monthly bills and the impact of transaction charges.

In this paper, we focus on and examine the available AWS Object Storage options, how they compare, and how Veeam can utilise them. 

Detailed examples with estimated costs will help you predict your own costs.