White paper: Veritas Information Classifier

Enabling a path to data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Johannesburg, 15 Apr 2020
Read time 50sec

This paper provides a technical overview of how Veritas Information Classifier can help enterprises on their path to data privacy and regulatory compliance. It focuses on Information Classifier’s capabilities and the various Veritas products into which it is integrated.

Today’s enterprise environment is fast-growing, often fragmented and overwhelmingly complex. Unstructured data traditionally provides limited visibility into what information an organisation actually has. This fact makes extracting meaningful insights from the data being stored extremely challenging and makes it nearly impossible to identify what information is an asset and what is a liability. Organisations face daily questions such as these: 

  • Is my data protected appropriately?
  • What information can or should I delete?
  • Can I respond fast enough to data privacy requests?
  • Am I compliant with various data regulations?