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Securing GKE Workloads
Kubernetes attack surfaces and how to secure them


19 May 2022 | Online
A complimentary ITWeb Webinar brought to you in partnership with Deimos and Google Cloud

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Date: 19 May 2022

Time: 11:00 (GMT+2)

Duration: 1 hour

Learn how to secure your Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) infrastructure

Across Africa, the move to remote work, PaaS and SaaS are resulting in significant traction for Kubernetes. But many organisations are still challenged in identifying attack surfaces and securing Kubernetes infrastructure.

Deimos, a Google Premier Partner, in partnership with Google Cloud, ITWeb and ITWeb Africa, invite you to this event to get a high-level technical overview of how to secure both your Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) powered infrastructure and the containerised workloads running inside it.

We will delve into best practices such as RBAC, secret management, namespace isolation, workload identities, networking and observability, all with the key objective of increasing the security posture of your GKE cluster.

You will not only gain a foundational understanding of Kubernetes security best practices, but you will also get an overview of how to secure your containerised workloads. We may also touch on shift-left approaches for engineering teams where containerising is a foundational component of their technology stack.

Why should you attend?

Discover how to secure GKE infrastructure and the containerised workloads inside it

Learn Kubernetes security best practices

Get insight into Google’s GKE and security offering

Discover the Deimos cloud infrastructure and security operations value proposition



Welcome and introduction


Kubernetes Security: Risks, Security Controls and Best Practices

Jaco Nel , Chief Technology Officer, Deimos


Binary Authorization with GCP and GKE

Jonathan Frankel , Customer Engineer, Google Cloud


Q&A and closing

Who should attend?

This event is for professionals tasked with Developer and Security Operations, Cloud Native Transformation, or Software Engineering & Architecture in the Fintech, Retail, iGaming, E-commerce and Banking sectors across Africa, including:

CxOs, Heads of Engineering, Security Engineering Managers, Site Reliability Engineering managers

Event Sponsors

About Deimos

Deimos is a DevSecOps specialist and Google Premier Partner with over 70 specialist engineers from across the African continent. Deimos is fanatical about security and efficiency in the cloud and is actively assisting some of Africa’s top companies in the banking, fintech, gaming and e-commerce sectors to secure and modernise their systems.

Visit: www.deimos.io

About Google Cloud

Google Cloud accelerates every organisation’s ability to digitally transform its business. We deliver enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology – all on the cleanest cloud in the industry. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to enable growth and solve their most critical business problems.

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