WhatsApp: The new toll-free
for customer service


Tuesday 7 September 2021 | Online
A complimentary ITWeb webinar brought to you in partnership with Freshworks

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Date: Tuesday 7 September 2021

Time: 11:00 (GMT+2)

Duration: 60 minutes

How to harness WhatsApp for better service in a mobile-first world

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users globally; it is now the default channel for messaging especially in Africa, the Middle East and India. So how do brands leverage this new channel for mobile-first customers? The answer is WhatsApp Business API.

With its reach, convenience, and familiarity, WhatsApp has now become the new toll-free for customer service. It not only helps you meet your customers where they are but also greatly improves the speed of customer service.

At this complimentary ITWeb webinar brought to you in partnership with Freshworks, customer service professionals will discover how WhatsApp is replacing traditional engagement channels, and how you can integrate this service channel to cater for a mobile-first customer base.

Learn about the emerging customer service channels of choice, hear real-world case studies of organisations leading in messaging platform customer service, and see the Freshworks WhatsApp Business API in action.

Why should you attend?

Find out why WhatsApp is taking over traditional service channels like phone and emails

See how Freshworks as a WhatsApp Business Solution provider can help you

Learn how to get started with WhatsApp Business API for customer service

Get real-world examples on how Freshworks' customers are using AI chatbots on WhatsApp to improve CSAT & ROI

Who should attend?

This event is for enterprise professionals tasked with customer service and experience including:

CX specialist, CX manager, CX Leader, Customer services manager, Customer support manager, IT operations head, Client advocacy lead , Client care manager, Contact centre operations manager, Client retention director, Chief Digital Officer




James Francis, Writer and Brainstorm Contributor


Changing trends in social media, messaging and customer engagement

Roger Koch, Personalisation Programme Manager, Clicks


The rise of WhatsApp as a key channel

Bhalakumaran Rajasekaran, Associate Program Manager, Freshworks


The Freshworks WhatsApp Business API, what it offers, how to integrate it, and how real world customers have deployed it to improve customer service

Bhalakumaran Rajasekaran, Associate Program Manager, Freshworks


Q & A

James Francis, Writer and Brainstorm Contributor


Conclusion & Closing remarks

James Francis, Writer and Brainstorm Contributor

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