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Keeping the “lights on” vs.
Delivering employee delight

ITSM in 2022 and beyond


22 February 2022 | Online
A complimentary ITWeb Webinar brought to you in partnership with Freshworks

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Date: 22 February 2022

Time: 11:00 (GMT+2)

Duration: 1 hour

How to deliver employee delight while keeping IT always on.

IT leaders were always expected to keep the business running smoothly - while their service desks were inundated with tickets and IT operations faced disruption after disruption. How has this changed?

In 2022, businesses expect IT to not only deliver the scale and pace needed to achieve their aspirations but also promise a modern workplace experience for their employees.

Freshworks, in partnership with ITWeb, invites you to this live webinar to discover how, as ‘disruption’ becomes the new normal, IT Leaders can make the leap from being “tech leaders” to being changemakers who deliver sustainable competitive advantage for their business. In this webinar, we deep-dive into the top objectives for IT leaders coming straight from the 2022 Key Issues study and navigate through critical areas for technology investment for this year and beyond.

Why should you attend?

Learn how technology plays a key role in employee retention and experience

Discover the top technology investments in 2022 & the transformation agenda for IT leaders

Hear about the critical priorities on enterprise calendars - digital transformation and employee experience

Highlights from the African Bank case study: How did African Bank bring an innovative and fresh approach to ITSM to deliver employee delight, every day?



Welcome and introduction

James Francis , writer and brainstorm contributor

About Freshworks and ITWeb

Top challenges IT leaders face in 2022

Subhashree Veeraraghavan , Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks


Critical priorities on enterprise calendars

Subhashree Veeraraghavan , Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks


Action points

Subhashree Veeraraghavan , Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks


Keeping the business wheels turning and employees delighted with Freshservice

Subhashree Veeraraghavan , Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks


African Bank - Case study

Subhashree Veeraraghavan , Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks


Q&A and Closing

James Francis , writer and brainstorm contributor

Who should attend?

This event is for you if you are an IT decision maker in a large enterprise in the Retail, Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, Automotive and Aviation sectors, including:

CEO/CIO/CTO, IT Director/Manager/Head, Head of ITSM, Head of IT Operations, Head of Technical Support, IT Service Desk Manager, Head of HR

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Freshworks provides innovative customer engagement software for businesses of all sizes, making it easy for teams to acquire, close and keep their customers for life. We believe your business deserves better software – software that’s ready to go, easy to set up and use, and requires minimal customisation – backed by our world-class support. Today, over 40 000 customers trust our software to run their business.

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