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Online Webinar

Time: 11:30 (GMT+2)

Date: 14 November 2023

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Become cyber resilient in the cloud and on-premise!

Enterprise data is growing exponentially. Organisations are struggling to manage, store, and secure it across disparate locations while facing increasing compliance and governance requirements—not to mention keeping costs in line. Tackling these challenges requires a comprehensive set of cloud data services tailored to meet the requirements of large organisations.

Veritas, in partnership with ITWeb, invites you to this webinar to discover the trends, challenges and solutions for achieving data resilience and compliance in the cloud and on-premise.

Find out how to better understand and identify cybersecurity gaps and discover Veritas Solutions to optimise the protection, performance, and cyber resiliency of all your enterprise data and applications across any cloud and any environment, at any scale.

Veritas provides a proven, multi-layered approach to ransomware risk mitigation that ensures cyber resiliency in three key ways—complete protection across any workload and any cloud; proactive detection of anomalies and threats; and flexible, rapid, pre-rehearsed recovery.

Veritas also provides an integrated portfolio of compliance and governance solutions that synthesize intelligence across data sources to surface relevant information, deliver actionable insights, and reduce the risk of costly regulatory fines.

Join this event to learn how the Veritas integrated approach to data management and protection is proven to deliver unmatched versatility, performance, and cost-savings.

Why should you attend?

See how to control risk and optimise data compliance in the cloud and on-premise.

Learn how to achieve ransomware resiliency, and recover at scale.

Understand trends, challenges and solutions for regulatory compliance and risk management.

Discover the Veritas portfolio of compliance and governance solutions.



Welcome and introduction

James Francis, writer and ITWeb Brainstorm contributor


Why Veritas Value proposition

Johnny Karam, Vice President for Emerging Markets, Veritas Technologies


Turnkey Cloud and Cyber Resiliency Data Protection

Peter Grimmond, Head of Technology, International, Veritas


Interactive Q&A and closing

James Francis, writer and ITWeb Brainstorm contributor

Who should attend?

If you are a cloud, security and risk decision maker, this event is for you! Including:

CISOs, CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, Cloud Architects, Infrastructure Architects, IT Managers, IT Directors, IT Administrators, Compliance Officers

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Veritas Technologies is a leader in multi-cloud data management. Over 80,000 customers—including 95% of the Fortune 100—rely on us to help ensure the protection, recoverability, and compliance of their data. We have a reputation for reliability at scale, which delivers the resilience our customers need against the disruptions threatened by cyberattacks, like ransomware. No other vendor is able to match our ability to execute, with support for 800+ data sources, 100+ operating systems, 1,400+ storage targets, and 60+ clouds.

For more information visit: www.veritas.com