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Risk analysis rationalises security spending

Without effective risk analysis, organisations can overspend on controls for assets that don't matter, says The Open Group.


Cloud meets ERP demands

Cloud computing makes ERP easier to deploy, more accessible and simpler to manage, says Sage ERP.


Mobile readiness lags in EMEA

IT departments in Europe, Middle East and Africa don't meet the mobility needs of employees, says VMware.


What is SDN? Why is it so important?

Software-defined networking is a phrase that has been popping up with increasing regularity, says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution.


SAP promises detailed growth plan

The German firm will spell out how it plans to grow its major lines of business, without making any further big acquisitions.


Fujitsu combines data centre solutions

Primeflex is a line-up of over 20 solutions, to cover the entire range of needs in the data centre.


Facebook could steal new niche

The world's largest social network's upcoming professional offering could end up competing with enterprise cloud solutions.


New app development environment unveiled

The environment allows businesses to create, deploy and distribute highly customised enterprise and mobile business applications.


Hyper-connected future predicted

Fujitsu Forum 2014 kicks off in Munich, concentrating on the digital revolution sparked by a "hyper-connected" world.

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