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Citrix supports Android for Work

The company offers support for Google's recently-unveiled Android for Work platform.


Transforming IOT into smart data

The numerous possibilities smart data poses will be unpacked at the upcoming BI summit.


IBM targets $40bn in cloud

The global tech giant focuses on realising $40 billion in annual revenue from the cloud, big data, security and other growth areas by 2018.


SAP, 4most keep wholesale retail industry focused

Wholesalers need a single integrated solution that provides clear visibility across the entire business, says 4most.


Atlassian experts strengthen local ties

Distributed teams call for software and partnerships that foster collaboration, according to Atlassian.

Industry Solutions

Sage ERP X3 drives Avis

Avis Fleet Services has streamlined its financial management processes by implementing the Sage ERPĀ X3 financial modules.


Taking a federated approach to GRC

The model establishes enterprise-wide taxonomy, standards and methods for risk identification, says GRC 20/20.


Cyberoam extends Layer-8 Technology innovation

The company has introduced User Threat Quotient to spot risky network users at a glance.


GRC tames business uncertainties

With governance, risk and compliance in place, businesses can tackle uncertainties and manage risks, says MetricStream.

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ITWeb Industry Video: Sage Insights 2015

ITWeb attended the annual Sage Insights event held at Champagne Sports Resort from 5 - 8 February 2015.

Business Intelligence Summit 2015
17 & 18 Mar - Conf /19 Mar - Workshops
Vodacom World, Midrand
Key international speaker:
Corrine Sandler, founder and CEO, Fresh Intelligence Research Corp , will deliver a keynote entitled: The art of intelligent war - using actionable insights to win business battles
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