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GSMA works to secure digital identities

The association wants the phone and SIM combination to be a ubiquitous solution to managing online identities.


Samsung's 'six appeal' takes back the war

The company seduces local pundits with ‘six appeal' as it brings "something altogether new" with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.


Samsung claims victory over Apple with S6

Samsung this evening launched the world's first curve phone, with a processor and camera it claims is superior to Apple's offerings.


BlackBerry sneak-previews curved phones

The embattled company wants revenue to come in from its cross-platform software offerings even as it sneak-previews two new handsets.


MWC is all about the connected world

Connected homes, toothbrushes, cars and tennis rackets gather interest at Mobile World Congress 2015.


Sharp plans to tap banks for aid

The electronics maker prepares to seek aid from its two main lenders, in what would be its second bailout in three years.


Intel targets cheap smartphones

Responding to demands for cheaper handsets in China, Intel plans the "Sofia" chip, designed for low-cost smartphones.


HP to buy WiFi gear maker

Hewlett-Packard is set to acquire WiFi network gear maker Aruba Networks for about $2.7 billion.


Review: Acer Liquid Jade S55 - slimline underachiever

The smartphone offers an elegant exterior but lacks powerful hardware.

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