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MTN revenue increases in 'challenging' year

Despite the mobile operator saying its 2014 results reflect a challenging year, MTN reports group revenue grew 6.4% during the period.

MTN was hit by aggressive price competition, increased regulatory requirements and pressure on consumer expenditure.


Business market vital for Cell C

The operator has no choice but to play catch-up if it wants to survive and remain relevant to SA's mobile consumers at large.


Samsung's 'six appeal' takes back the war

The company seduces local pundits with ‘six appeal' as it brings "something altogether new" with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.


Samsung claims victory over Apple with S6

Samsung this evening launched the world's first curve phone, with a processor and camera it claims is superior to Apple's offerings.


Uncertain future for Broadband Infraco

Government's failure to allocate funds to Broadband Infraco in this week's budget adds to indications it will be absorbed by Telkom.


Companies empower communities through EKOCENTER

Ericsson, The Coca-Cola Company, Solarkiosk and Tigo aid in the roll-out of EKOCENTER in six countries in Africa and Asia. 


Signal jamming sub judice excuse a 'political ploy'

The opposition party claims government is avoiding accountability by declining to answer questions around the SONA signal jamming saga.


MTN streetlight project still in limbo

The operator's lamppost base station initiative remains on ice as some residents oppose it, citing potential health hazards. 


'Security is not a primary concern'

As vendors rush to create devices for the Internet of things, security is overlooked.

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