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An overview of the Samsung Knox platform

Knox is Samsung's defence-grade mobile security platform built into its newest devices.


Cost, speed and reliability trade-offs between N+1 UPS Configurations

This paper clarifies different methods of achieving N+1 redundancy of your UPS system(s), and quantifies the capital cost, deployment time, efficiency, and reliability trade-offs.


Samsung Knox Security Solution

With both BYOD/COPE and cyber-attacks increasing, there is a scramble to find a way to manage the escalating problem and complexity of mobile device security.

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Taking your MSP Business from good to great

SolarWinds lists 6 principles to make your MSP Business great.

Mobile Business

Malware for mobile

It's vital to secure mobile devices that connect to your enterprise data - and the apps that are downloaded onto them.

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15 keys for ensuring Windows 10 migration success

Plan, do, check, act: a guide for IT to manage change initiatives.

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Uila provides advanced data centre management

Uila manages the full stack of a data centre, from physical to virtual, and from the infrastructure to the application's performance.

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How attacks like WannaCry work

As data becomes increasingly valuable, the proverbial bad guys will be taking aim at weak systems and critical data repositories, says Veeam.

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How attacks like WannaCry work

Today, ransomware is one of the biggest cyber threats in 2016. To avoid becoming a victim, you need to take action now to protect your computer systems.

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