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Transtool Established in 1936, Johannesburg-based TransTool is in the tool distribution and wholesale market sector. The company stocks leading tool..

TransTool goes live on K8


The tool distribution and wholesale company used Kerridge Commercial Systems to upgrade its out-of-date software package.

Leading systems integration and software engineering company, Bytelogix, has been commissioned by MTN SA Foundation to provide a call routing solution..

Bytelogix provides call routing for Childline

The company was commissioned by the MTN SA Foundation to provide its Dynamic Call Routing application for Childline's emergency call centre service.

Heidi Weyers, General Manager, Sales at Attix5 Sebata is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions, enterprise management systems and mul..

Sebata deploys Attix5 to protect local govt

Heidi Weyers, General Manager, Sales at Attix5

Offsite backup solution Attix5 Pro features VirtualRestore, providing real-time access to backups.

Imperial Auto (motive Division) is a diverse company that insists on using only the best technologies. Each branch of the business has its own unique..

DataTegra meets Imperial Auto's needs

Together with Kaspersky Lab, the company helped Imperial Auto by implementing KESB Advanced, a one-licence solution with multi-layer defences.

Schneider Electric, a world specialist in energy management, worked alongside SAP France to design the new data centre hosting its information system..

SAP France gets cool with Schneider Electric

Air Flow Controller ensures intelligent cooling management to reduce the carbon impact and energy consumption of the SAP France IT room.

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