Our differentiator

ITWeb Events is a highly dedicated team of conference professionals whose soul mandate is to create an event that meets the needs of our audience, both the end-user and vendor market. Our content is unrivalled in its relevance; we push the boundaries when it comes to ensuring your experience is all-inclusive and beneficial; and we strive to create an agenda that speaks to your most pressing needs, with multiple tracks, break-away sessions, demo labs, networking opportunities, training and workshops, panel discussions, 1:1 interviews and audience participation and interaction.

For each of our events, we are committed to:

  • Exhaustive research;
  • Targeted marketing campaign;
  • Unique showcase opportunities;
  • Personal commitment to each delegate and sponsor; and
  • Seamless experience on the day.

This, combined with our relentless need to be the best at what we do, makes us a force to be reckoned with. We are passionate about what we do – if there is anything you feel we can do to improve, please feel free to communicate directly with our Events director: angela@itweb.co.za

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