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About ServiceNow

ServiceNow helps power your resilient business through change and disruption created by evolving global regulations including cyber, privacy, ESG, extreme weather, supply chain issues, human error, digital transformation, and more. By seamlessly embedding risk management and compliance into your daily workflows and familiar user experiences, including engaging with third parties, the organisation can enable a common risk language to improve 1LOD productivity, reduce costs, build resilience with real-time visibility into risk, and effectively communicate with stakeholders at all levels to make more informed decisions.

Only ServiceNow can connect the business, risk, and IT teams with an integrated risk framework that transforms manual, siloed, and unfamiliar processes into a user-friendly workflow and deliver a unified digital governance program built on a single platform.

For more information, visit www.servicenow.com

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About TeamEngine

TeamEngine is a leading board pack management, governance and compliance software platform, which incorporates secure archiving, collaborative tools, and specialist due diligence, board evaluation, Crisis and Insider Management suites. With 30 000 unique users, TeamEngine has customers across 4 continents, including South Africa, UK, Mauritius, Sweden and Germany.

For more information, visit www.teamengine.com

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About Fidify

Embrace the future of compliance with Fidify. Through automated, continuous processes and the power of machine learning, we prioritize user integrity and deliver seamless digital KYC and AML documentation solutions.

For more information, visit www.fidifygroup.com

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ISACA South Africa, is a globally affiliated and largest IT professional chapter in Africa. ISACA SA develops and leads professional excellence in education, skills, thought leadership and standards in IT Governance, Risk, Information Security and Cybersecurity.

For more information, visit engage.isaca.org/southafricachapter/home



The Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA) is the only SAQA recognised and IFIP IP3 accredited professional body for ICT Practitioners in South Africa. Uphold the industry’s code of ethics and good practice, and continue your professional career development. Become a member.

For more information, visit www.iitpsa.org.za