• 17.
    With continuous learning as one of BBD's core values, BBDers are constantly adding to their skillsets, playing with technologies and learning from those around them.
  • 5.
    IAC allows for the management and provisioning of computer data centres through machine-readable configuration files, rather than physical hardware configuration.



  • 29.
    The company is now a UK government-approved supplier of managed cloud services to the Crown Commercial Services Digital Marketplace.
  • 22.
    The company has achieved the Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner status in the Amazon Partner Network.
  • 18.
    The company achieves a 92.8% overall score and a Platinum Seal in the 2020 Deloitte’s Best Company Survey.
  • 16.
    Recently, implementation of Basel III has been extended to account for the additional Basel IV requirements that have been added to the Accord.



  • 30.
    The company says it continues to bridge the digital divide and support young people by developing their coding and technical skills.
  • 25.
    Technical debt is a metaphor for the ‘cost’ incurred by a business on future development when software is either produced sub-optimally and rapidly or is no longer effective, says Tony van der Linden, head of the Research and Development team at BBD.




  • 16.
    Companies must adopt clear strategies for collaboration to augment their existing growth and technology strategies, says Liesl Bebb-McKay, executive and head of business development at BBD in the Netherlands region.


  • 14.
    Try these eight tips, ranging from using passphrases and antivirus to investing in a reliable VPN, to maximise your online security, says Nicholas van der Schyff, systems administrator and security expert at BBD.


  • 16.
    Software development has gone through various trial-and-error stages to reach its current optimal working level, but to remain successful it needs to be adaptable.