CloudSmiths talks Salesforce events and growth strategy in EMEA

Johannesburg, 28 Aug 2023
CloudSmiths at the Salesforce World Tour Essentials in Dubai. From left: Alison Kilian, Patrick Eriksen, Maham Hassan, Tamsyn Partington, Jason Timm and Hardus Swanepoel.
CloudSmiths at the Salesforce World Tour Essentials in Dubai. From left: Alison Kilian, Patrick Eriksen, Maham Hassan, Tamsyn Partington, Jason Timm and Hardus Swanepoel.

As the most experienced Salesforce partner in Africa, with more than eight years of partner experience, Dynamic Technologies group company CloudSmiths recognises the value of supporting and participating in Salesforce events.

Each year, Salesforce holds various events in major cities across the globe. These events help attendees meet new people in the field, connect with experts in their industry and gain a better understanding of specific Salesforce products. The premier Salesforce event, Dreamforce, is a three-day conference held in San Francisco that attracts over 170 000 attendees. Connections, another major Salesforce event, emphasises digital marketing and commerce, providing valuable insights to professionals.

Adding to the line-up, Salesforce World Tour and World Tour Essentials are one-day events hosted in major global cities designed to provide a taste of Salesforce’s offerings in a compact format. This year, in June 2023, CloudSmiths participated as an Emerald Sponsor of the World Tour Essentials event held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Patrick Eriksen, Head of Marketing at CloudSmiths, says: “Salesforce World Tour Essentials stands out as the only event of its kind from Salesforce in Africa. As Salesforce’s longest-standing partner in South Africa, it provides a unique platform for us to engage with the Salesforce community, share insights and showcase our innovative solutions, all while fostering the regional growth of the Salesforce ecosystem.”

Salesforce announced in June 2023 that it is looking to generate R92.1 billion ($5.1 billion) in new business revenue in South Africa by 2026, and to create 31 800 new jobs. This was a big point of discussion at the Johannesburg event, and Eriksen says: “As a long-standing partner of Salesforce, we’re thrilled about their increased commitment to South Africa. Beyond our partnership, this move marks a significant milestone for the broader tech industry in the region. We’ve always understood Africa’s immense potential and have advocated for its global recognition. Now, witnessing such a considerable investment from an industry giant like Salesforce, it’s clear that the worldwide tech community recognises Africa's promise. It’s a remarkable stride not just for us and Salesforce, but for the entire tech landscape in Africa.”

This enhanced commitment to South Africa will have a significant and positive impact on CloudSmiths’ clients as it presents an excellent opportunity for growth. Eriksen expects interest in Salesforce to increase, prompting more individuals to learn the platform and become accredited. He says: “We’ll have more certified Trailblazers joining our ranks, ensuring our clients continue to receive top-tier Salesforce services.”

As part of the EMEA expansion, Salesforce also held a World Tour Essentials event in Dubai this year. As this mirrors CloudSmiths own growth strategy in the region, attending the Dubai event was crucial. CloudSmiths is set to open an office in Dubai later this year, and attending the World Tour Essentials Dubai event allowed the team to connect with existing customers in the region, understand their unique needs better and also start building and nurturing new relationships with businesses that can benefit from Salesforce solutions.

Eriksen adds: “As Salesforce deepens its footprint, we’re excited to grow alongside and continue delivering exceptional value to our clients.”


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