Dynamic DigiRail stays on the fast track

Johannesburg, 17 Feb 2022
Tim Robinson, Chairman, DigiRail.
Tim Robinson, Chairman, DigiRail.

Dynamic Technologies group company DigiRail is seeing a green signal ahead as 2022 picks up steam.

Founded in late 2019 by technology entrepreneurs Tim Robinson, chairman of the company, and Chris Wilkins, Dynamic Technologies founder and CEO, DigiRail operates as a specialised arm of DVT, also a Dynamic Technologies group company, and offers tailor-made data, systems integration and automation solutions to the UK rail industry.

“The business has got off to a great start and there’s a good pipeline of work. There will also be more opportunities to spend time with clients in their own environments now, as the COVID-19 lockdowns ease, which is an exciting prospect. We’re focused on executing what we do well, delivering results and being transparent about what we bring to a business,” said Robinson, founder of e-commerce logistics technology specialist Doddle, former regional Managing Director at Network Rail and former board member of GB Railfreight, in a feature article published in the December 2021 issue of Rail Director Magazine

Digital transformation is crucial for the survival of rail businesses, especially for companies below the £1 billion top tier businesses. DigiRail focuses on working with their clients and transformation champions to find out exactly what is required and how best to go about effecting the digital transformation, getting it right the first time around.

“As a rail organisation or business, if you have a strong digital backbone and systems architecture, your own internal systems talk to each other and you can share information, you're going to be easy to work with going forward and really easy to innovate with in and around your business,” says Robinson.

The benefits and uses of digital transformation can often be difficult to communicate to clients, especially in industries such as rail, used to managing systems with manual processes. It’s important to have the right people championing the transformation journey on both sides of the track, so to speak. DigiRail bridges the gap by putting rail people at the front of its business – headed by Managing Director Tom Clare, who lives and breathes everything rail.

“The more your supply chain becomes digitally savvy, the more your customers will turn to you because they'll see you as 'the easy guys to work with'. The businesses that are connected from a systems perspective will be the most popular and more likely to be the businesses that thrive,” concludes Robinson. 


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