Dynamic shareholding adds up for Upper Sigma

Johannesburg, 19 Nov 2020
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Emile Van Den Berg, Managing Director, Upper Sigma.
Emile Van Den Berg, Managing Director, Upper Sigma.

Software and technology group Dynamic Technologies has acquired a majority stake in the CloudSmiths UK business. The acquisition means that CloudSmiths UK will become a Dynamic Technologies group company. Dynamic Technologies is consolidating and aligning its group interests in the UK, while CloudSmiths UK is looking to increase management efficiencies and improve their overhead structures. This deal offers long-term benefits for both parties.

To reflect the company’s unique solutions and positioning in the UK, CloudSmiths UK has been rebranded as Upper Sigma.

CloudSmiths South Africa will continue as a business entity within the group and Dynamic Technologies remains a shareholder in the CloudSmiths South Africa business.

Upper Sigma Managing Director Emile Van Den Berg, who started the CloudSmiths UK business in 2018, remains in the position, reporting directly to the group. Of the shareholding acquisition, Van Den Berg says: “The credibility and trust that has become synonymous with the CloudSmiths brand will continue to underpin Upper Sigma’s quality and processes. Upper Sigma will still be working closely with CloudSmiths South Africa and will continue to align with CloudSmiths' best practices within the Salesforce* ecosystem.”

Upper Sigma is a Salesforce partner that operates in the legal, professional services and financial services sectors, utilising Sigma Lifecycle Manager built on the Salesforce platform. The company provides cloud-native solutions for storing and managing software packages and specialises in building, deploying and distributing software.

Dynamic Technologies CEO Chris Wilkins says: “Upper Sigma introduces an exciting and dynamic cloud offering into our UK activities. It provides our clients with another layer of deep knowledge and expertise that is the signature of our group.”

* Salesforce is a trademark of Salesforce.com, Inc.

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