DotModus sees dynamic US expansion

Johannesburg, 25 Jan 2021
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Cloud solutions expert DotModus, part of the Dynamic Technologies group, is pleased to announce its recent expansion in the US.

The key and core strengths that differentiate DotModus in the competitive US market are the company’s deep-technology cloud services knowledge; its Premier Partner status with Google Cloud and expertise across AWS and Azure; as well as its in-depth knowledge on healthcare and life sciences – the sectors it will be targeting in the US.

DotModus has been in business for the past 10 years, operating internationally through its offices strategically located in the UK and South Africa. It has been serving clients in the US geography for the last two years and, with this expansion, the company has moved even closer to its US clients to cement its relationships. DotModus has set up its US office in the San Francisco Bay area.

Dynamic Technologies CEO Chris Wilkins says: “DotModus excels at cloud services, data analytics and AI solutions, and has steadily expanded its services offering to a global network of clients. Our focus on the US market means our clients can benefit from these world-class skills and reliable delivery.”

Ashish Choudhary, CEO, DotModus US.
Ashish Choudhary, CEO, DotModus US.

DotModus’s cloud services – which include cloud consulting, design, migration, governance and management – help govern and manage cloud operations for its clients, secure client data, lower infrastructure costs and deliver large-scale analytics and machine learning.

The expansion was an obvious choice for DotModus, as the company’s core service offerings are all high-growth areas in the US (the largest consumers of cloud computing and cloud services); while healthcare forms 17.5% of the US GDP. 

Ashish Choudhary serves as CEO of DotModus US. Choudhary has an exceptional track record of building and scaling digital and IT services companies, helping clients achieve sustainable business growth via technology services and solutions.

Choudhary comments on the expansion: “We have now moved much closer to our clients in the US, meaning we are able to serve them even better than before. Our vision is to be the preferred cloud services, cloud governance and data analytics partner for our clients in the US. We care deeply about solving our clients' business challenges and we differentiate ourselves by being more personal and nimbler than traditional consulting and services firms.”

Thomas Fowler, CEO, DotModus, says: “Over the last four years at DotModus, we have focused on building out a team that has the expertise and experience to help our customers make the most of the cloud. Our cultural closeness to that of our peers and customers in the US, as well as our famous South African work ethic, means that there is no doubt we will provide exceptional services, at a very competitive rate, to businesses through the United States. Our operations in South Africa and the United Kingdom provide a strong foundation on which Ashish can grow our offering in the US market. Ashish will provide the vital link – that is, in-country client services and a deep and experienced understanding of the local market and its unique needs.”

While the focus of the US branch may differ from its UK and SA branches in terms of client requirements, DotModus will continue to function and collaborate closely as an international team, with an expanded and increased global offering. 

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