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    Weak AI focuses on one particular task and strong AI focuses on intelligence that can handle any task in any domain, says Callan Abrahams, principal AI consultant at iOCO.
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    To secure the skills needed for the digital-first age and to foster future-proof workforces, companies must create new talent models by turning their challenges into opportunities, says Candice Solomons, business executive at iOCO Digital Talent.


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    It's more beneficial to look at what AI can actually do for us today, rather than focusing on predictions that look at the next few years or decades, says Callan Abrahams, principal AI consultant at iOCO.
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    Designed to help product management use design thinking to put customers at the centre of everything they do, Kaizania's Agile Product Management course offers techniques to help align strategy and customer needs.
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    Data can provide a variety of 'golden nuggets' that will allow retailers to stay ahead of customer demands – and competitors, says Nicole Adriaans, business executive: Data & Analytics at iOCO.
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    The company has joined Google Cloud Partner Advantage as a Google Cloud and Google Workspace Partner for the Sell and Service Engagement Models.