Shifting sands – 2018 trends in cybersecurity

Microsoft cybersecurity experts Diana Kelley and Jonathan Trull share the latest cybersecurity trends and dive deep into assessments and recommendations.

Johannesburg, 07 Aug 2019
Read time 40sec

In 2018, Microsoft saw attackers pivot their approaches, yet also use the same old tactics in the pursuit to steal data and resources.

This webinar gives an overview of the latest insights from the 24th edition of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.

Microsoft's Cybersecurity Field CTO Diana Kelley and Chief Security Advisor, Jonathan Trull give an overview of:

Actionable recommendations and guidance for how to protect and defend your organisation against today’s threats

The latest security trends and shifts in attacker behaviour including ransomware, cryptocurrency mining, supply chain attacks, and phishing

Analysis and discussion about these trends from Microsoft security experts

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