Microsoft helps businesses rethink their ERP strategy for finance and operations

Microsoft helps you rethink your ERP strategy to gain a digital competitive advantage.

Johannesburg, 22 May 2019
Read time 50sec

Don't miss Microsoft's exclusive Webinar on 22 May that will explore how financial services organisations can enter the new era of profitability, competitiveness and growth by implementing an innovative and intelligent enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategy.

Discover how ERP solutions, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations, will not only help accelerate an organisation's digital transformation, but more importantly, will perfectly position it to exploit valuable return-on-investment opportunities with a low total cost of ownership, and ensure:

* Robustness and flexibility;
* Unity and collaboration;
* Data security and efficacy; and
* Client management and retention.

The Webinar will also cover how decision makers can accelerate business growth by unifying, streamlining and automating global financials and operations.

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