• 30.
    Ensure your internal systems support remote working to the fullest, says Barbi Goldblatt, regional executive at Netsurit.
  • 22.
    From infrastructure to functionality to innovation, the IT department is what allows companies to design a completely new digital enterprise, says Terry White, executive consultant at Netsurit.


  • 20.
    These include open and regular communication, implementing flexible working arrangements using technology, and clarifying team objectives and individual roles, says Barbi Goldblatt, Regional Executive, Netsurit.
  • 19.
    BAzure offers the broadest compliance coverage of any cloud provider, with a dedicated programme for financial services compliance.
  • 11.
    Despite the hassle of information overload, e-mail traffic continues to grow, thanks to its asynchronicity and its usefulness in inter-organisational communication, says Terry White, Executive consultant.
  • 04.
    With smooth integration into Volvo IT and quick slotting-in of skilled resources, Netsurit has taken away the hassles of maintenance and deployment, increasing productivity and efficiency.