White paper: Five real-world examples of analytics-driven quality management

Johannesburg, 15 Nov 2018
Read time 1min 00sec

Contact centres must evolve how they monitor, measure and improve quality to keep pace with the complexity of supporting new contact channels and delivering superior customer service. Operationalising data from various channels to support quality assurance initiatives can be challenging without the proper tools. Fragmented or disconnected data provides incorrect or incomplete information, and as the volume of interactions increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify emerging trends that affect contact centre performance.

Quality assurance processes that use analytics monitor 100% of interactions to provide an accurate and efficient way to understand the areas of opportunity in your contact centre. Leading-edge analytics technologies such as machine learning, neural phonetic indexing and business intelligence reporting allow organisations to run their quality programs at a scale not previously possible. These technologies align quality processes to a contact centre's most critical business initiative.

This white paper explores best practice examples of how quality assurance processes powered by analytics can have a significant impact on KPIs and help companies to achieve their contact centre goals.