Private Protocol is a data security distributor offering solutions and strategies that covers Mobile device and Data Security, Secure Data Collaboration, Secure Messaging, SharePoint/O365 Security and Compliance, AWS Security, Data Classification and Data Discovery, File Share Security and Compliance, Software Defined Perimeter – Zero Trust Security, Total Fraud Protection and Cloud Security. Private Protocol also offer Cloud Risk Assessments so companies can understand the impact cloud is having on their business and highlight any risks that may be associated. Private Protocol have a distributed partner channel covering Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.

Private Protocol represents and distributes “best-of-breed” Next Generation IT Security solutions for Africa and Indian Ocean islands.

Private Protocol originally started as the company Seven Days Technologies in 2007,focusing on developing mobile and SaaS type applications. Having spent numerous years servicing the mobile app development market a strategic decision was taken to embrace the burgeoning data and network security market.

This included a name change that better reflected our focus and core offerings, in 2016 the company was renamed  to Private Protocol. 

Since then, Private Protocol has become a name synonymous in Data Security, assisting resellers and customers with solutions that protect their most valued information – electronic data.

Today we are considered one of the more focused IT Security distributors offering solutions. and strategies with the aim to assist organisations with the various Government Acts and Regulations aimed at protecting private and business data, both on-prem and cloud.

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