Terranova presents Cybersecurity Awareness Platform

Keep sensitive information safe with award-winning security awareness training.

Johannesburg, 31 May 2023

For more than 20 years, Fortra's Terranova Security says it has helped thousands of organisations worldwide turn tens of millions of professionals into cyber heroes, reducing risk and keeping sensitive information out of the hands of hackers. With industry-leading training content, real-world phishing simulations and analytics that make it easy to pinpoint and address high-risk areas, we’re helping CISOs get a good night’s sleep with better peace of mind.

Recent product releases include:

The Terranova Security ContentHub

The ContentHub simplifies how administrators view, select and implement engaging security awareness content into their training programs.

With a sleek, intuitive design, the ContentHub ensures organisations can:

  • Effortlessly create, edit and grow your security awareness training program with content modules;
  • See, in just a few clicks, what content they’re already leveraging in their security awareness training program;
  • Discover industry-leading training modules and phishing simulations in one centralised hub with powerful filtering and search capabilities;
  • Build awareness training programs that are fun and straightforward, just like adding your new favourite show to your streaming queue; and
  • Grow a culture with a security-first mindset by investing in training opportunities that inform and delight.

Dashboards, reporting and widget improvements

Terranova Security is continually adding new dashboard and widget options to its reporting capabilities, allowing organisations to gain in-depth insights from their security awareness training data.

These improvements include new ways to visualise:

  • Simulation vulnerability;
  • Course performance;
  • Superstars vs repeat clickers;
  • Environment details;
  • Phishing simulation performance;
  • Phishing summary over time;
  • Course completion status vs phishing results;
  • User count by phishing event;
  • Phishing simulation results by filter;
  • Security awareness index;
  • Recipient action summary;
  • Simulation details;
  • Phishing simulation performance; and
  • New and updated course content.

Global Dashboard updates and enhancements

Updates to the Global Dashboard on Fortra's Terranova Security's Security Awareness Platform provide administrators with:

  • An enhanced look and feel;
  • Streamlined workflows; and
  • Access to all relevant information in one central location.

All these enhancements make it easier than ever to track, analyse and optimise security awareness training performance over time.

The new Overview Dashboard widget also comes with a refresh icon that lets users manually update the information it visualises. With new widgets being released regularly, organisations can see crucial training data at a glance and ensure they're attaining all their cyber security goals.

Content module updates and enhancements

Terranova Security also adds new and updated course content to its training libraries every quarter. Those editions from this period include:

  • Privacy & Compliance
  • POPI Act (South Africa)
  • Security by Design
  • Cyber Challenges
  • Privacy
  • Information Classification
  • Protecting your Home Computer
  • Cloud Services
  • Traveling Securely
  • Phishing Templates
  • 20 New Phishing Templates

SuccessFactors integration

Fortra's Terranova Security offers customers additional flexibility to export selected courses to SuccessFactors via OCN. If an end-user begins a course in SuccessFactors, they're redirected to the Terranova Security Awareness Platform and, once the course is completed, they're sent back to SuccessFactors.

This UX makes switching between platforms as seamless as possible.

Course results are also saved in both environments, giving customers the convenience of tracking course participation, completion and performance rates when and where they need to.