Garrun Group reduces IT complexity, telecoms costs with Telviva

Johannesburg, 16 Aug 2023
Garrun Group.
Garrun Group.

“We wanted to adopt technology that not only helps us enable remote working, but also drives improved collaboration and gives Garrun Group the ability to service our clients in a more efficient manner. Beyond that, the group can rely on Telviva for support, and it is even better when we can bring our combined experience together to solve challenges. Telviva took all the frustration away, with their teams going the extra mile when it came to support – a truly outstanding achievement,” said Riyaadh Saloojee, Garrun Group's IT Operations Manager.


Fact sheet
Solution: Telviva One Essentials, Atmos Call Cabinet, Telviva Clarity
Industry: Insurance
Provider: Telviva
User: Garrun Group

In 1994, The Garrun Group was formed and embarked on an acquisitions-oriented growth strategy, which led to majority shareholding in several regional and specialist brokerages. The company's country-wide footprint consists of a holistic infrastructure of technical knowledge, skills and superior systems as well as a fully comprehensive range of short-term insurance products to suit client needs.

In order to better support this growth, the roadmap for the group was to move from legacy, paper-based processes that are not as efficient, towards a simplified, automated solution that enhances internal and external communications while fostering better information sharing and collaboration.

Crucially, the group was looking for one service provider that could provide the organisation with multiple services while maintaining a single point for contact to attend to queries and provide customer support.

Managed network access and security

Based on referrals, the organisation began engaging with Telviva, which was able to provide a broad-ranging solution that aligned with Garrun Group’s technology roadmap. The solution featured internet access – which was deployed within tight deadlines – firewalls, voice over IP (VOIP) telephony with Telviva One Essentials, regulatory compliant cloud-based call recording and robust expense management.

Cyber security is crucial for any business today, and Garrun Group was especially pleased that Telviva’s solution included a managed firewall with 24/7 customer support, meaning the organisation was able to lessen the burden on their own IT teams by not having to manage the firewalls themselves.

Communications redundancy was also crucial for an organisation involved in the insurance sector, having to handle volumes of calls on a daily basis, and failovers for access links helped keep downtime to a minimum. Ultimately, centralisation of business communications services – and Telviva’s competitive call rates – helped the organisation to reduce its telecoms expenditures.

Improved compliance and expense management

Being an insurance company with numerous internal extensions and call centres that receive huge volumes of calls, many of which deal with policies and other matters of business, Garrun Group needed an effective way in which to store call recordings in a manner that complies with regulations such as the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act. Through Atmos Call Cabinet from Telviva, the group had access to a cloud based system that not only allowed for seamless call recording, but also quick recording retrieval when needed through the use of filtered searches.

Garrun Group also makes use of Telviva Clarity, an expense management tool with robust reporting capabilities in order to give the organisation complete control over its telecommunications spend from a secure, user-friendly dashboard. With the group being made up of multiple businesses, the dashboard also allows senior company executives, such as the chief financial officer, to get an overview of telecoms costs for each of the businesses within the group, helping them make better informed decisions.

“There is drive with the group for business transformation, which includes the continued centralisation of certain services, as well as the adoption of new technologies in the future. When looking at our roadmap, it is likely that the group can in future make use of all of the features and capabilities that Telviva offers,” says Saloojee.

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