Veritas acquires APTARE to enhance analytics, reporting, protection of enterprise data

The industry's first end-to-end open analytics platform gives customers a view into all their data, no matter where it resides.

Johannesburg, 02 May 2019
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Veritas Technologies, a worldwide leader in enterprise data protection and software-defined storage, announced that it has acquired APTARE, a privately held software company based in Campbell, California. APTARE is a global leader in analytic solutions for hybrid cloud environments and is the industry's leading open and extensible IT analytics platform. It supports hybrid cloud storage and backup systems, as well as technologies such as OpenStack, software-defined storage and flash infrastructures.

Today, the protection and management of business data in most organisations is split across many different tools and technologies. As organisations move data and workloads to the cloud, they face major challenges with regard to locating their data; migrating it simply and cost effectively; and protecting it in all environments. With new data privacy laws coming into effect, organisations globally must also have the ability to see, access, protect and manage their data, no matter where it lives.

APTARE's technology will allow Veritas to offer customers an enhanced analytics platform that provides deep insights and reporting across their different data protection, virtual infrastructure and storage environments. It will enable customers to:

* Gain visibility into their complete infrastructure, on-premises and in any cloud, to make more informed decisions.
* Have a common reporting platform from tape to disk to cloud, which is essential in a multi-cloud environment.
* Better anticipate needs and predict outcomes, such as optimising their infrastructure, reducing costs, and meeting compliance and SLA requirements.

The addition of APTARE's IT Analytics solutions to Veritas' product portfolio also strengthens the company's product integrations with key cloud and technology providers, including VMware, AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and ServiceNow.

"With APTARE's IT Analytics, Veritas customers will now benefit from enhanced reporting and analytics across NetBackup and other third-party applications," said Greg Hughes, CEO of Veritas Technologies. "We're making it simpler for customers to access critical information about their infrastructure and are providing them with a one-stop shop for all reporting requirements on-premises, in any cloud and across their technology ecosystem."

"APTARE's vendor-agnostic approach to data analytics is pivotal to the enterprise management framework for managing the modern enterprise IT structure," said Richard Clark, CEO of APTARE. "It drives cost savings, allows for a healthy storage environment and comprehensive reporting with deep analytics, and presents IT professionals with every metric needed to ensure that their data is protected and recoverable."


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