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Salesforce Document
Mastery with DocFusion
Transform document generation


12 June, 2024
A complimentary event brought to you in partnership with DocFusion & EXAH

Date: 12 June 2024

Time: 10:00 (GMT+2)

Duration: 60 minutes

Crush complexity and democratise document creation!

Enterprises frequently face the challenge of generating large volumes of complex documents that need to be automated. Existing solutions are often cumbersome, time-consuming, and require specialised coding or IT skills to manage.

In this webinar, DocFusion, in collaboration with award-winning Salesforce partner EXAH, will showcase how DocFusion's no-code Salesforce integration empowers financial services teams to create professional, compliant documents with ease.

DocFusion for Salesforce simplifies the creation of professional, compliant documents, eliminating complexity and inefficiencies. Embrace the future of document generation and automation with DocFusion, where complexity is simplified, productivity is enhanced, and branding is consistently on point.

Learn how the integration enhances productivity, reduces resource consumption, and accelerates turnaround times. We will also present a real-world case study featuring a financial services company specialising in risk management solutions that leveraged the DocFusion Salesforce integration to simplify complex document workflows, minimise errors, and achieve better governance.

This session is essential for leaders seeking to optimise their document workflow processes.

Why should you attend?

Discover how DocFusion for Salesforce simplifies the creation and automation of professional, compliant documents, from source to digital signature.

Explore the synergistic partnership of EXAH and DocFusion, and the seamless integration of DocFusion’s document generation and automation capabilities within the Salesforce ecosystem.

See firsthand how EXAH leverages the DocFusion Salesforce integration to redefine business processes.

Find out how to streamline document creation, ensure compliance, and unlock new levels of efficiency.




James Francis, Writer and ITWeb Brainstorm Contributor


Trends and challenges in financial document automation

Palesa Sikwane, Channel Account Manager, DocFusion


Customer success story

Ashleigh Maré, EXAH Project Consultant, EXAH


Discover DocFusion for Salesforce

Ashleigh Maré, EXAH Project Consultant, EXAH


Q&A, wrap-up and close

James Francis, Writer and ITWeb Brainstorm Contributor


Who should attend?

This event is for you if you are a senior decision maker in the banking, insurance or wealth management sectors, including:

CIOs, CTOs, Enterprise Architects, Directors of Operations, Solution Engineers, IT Managers and Directors, Salesforce Solution Engineers, Salesforce Account Executives, Sales Operations Managers, ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Managers/Architects, Business Process Managers

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About DocFusion Document Generation and Automation

DocFusion streamlines the document creation and automation process in Salesforce by allowing users to create document templates, automate document generation, and integrate complex data from multiple sources directly within the Salesforce ecosystem. This low-code system combines key elements of document generation and automation, including template-driven document composition, workflows, and digital signatures.

Visit: www.docfusioncloud.com

About EXAH

EXAH is a strategic partner specialising in integrating innovative technologies with enterprise systems. Their expertise in Salesforce solutions and commitment to enhancing business processes make them an ideal partner for delivering comprehensive document automation solutions using DocFusion.
EXAH integrates leading software solutions, such as DocFusion and Salesforce, with clients’ business processes to ensure seamless operations and align systems with the latest technology for optimal results.

Visit: www.exah.co.za