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Enabling Everywhere Work

Remote work and the Digital Employee Experience


20 September 2023 | Online

A complimentary ITWeb Webinar brought to you in partnership with Think Tank Software Solutions

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Date: 20 September 2023

Time: 10:00 (GMT+2)

Duration: 1 hour

Improve remote work to keep hybrid teams
productive from anywhere!

In today's increasingly connected world, hybrid work is here to stay, and the Digital Employee Experience has become crucial. Businesses need the right tools and strategies to ensure their employees remain productive and engaged, regardless of their location.

Embracing this narrative, Ivanti brings you their slogan, 'Everywhere work. Elevated', and how this approach can elevate your employees’ experience, enabling them to thrive from anywhere. Join this webinar hosted by Think Tank Software Solutions, in partnership with ITWeb, to learn more about the benefits and challenges of remote work.

Discover trends revealed in Ivanti’s survey of 8,400 office workers, IT and security professionals and C-level executives across the globe to understand attitudes, expectations and challenges facing future-looking talent organisations and their employees. Learn about the steps organisations must take to activate their ‘future of work’ vision. Understand workplace risks like the ‘Great Attrition’, disengagement, burnout, ‘quiet quitting’ and remote work preference gaps.

We'll share best practices for effectively managing remote teams, all while highlighting the powerful combination of Think Tank’s partner-based approach and Ivanti's cutting-edge solutions.

You will be empowered with actionable strategies to implement or improve your remote work policies enabling employees to stay productive from anywhere, whether they're just down the hall or spread across the globe.

Why should you attend?

Understand emerging human capital risks in a hybrid work environment.

Discover the tools and strategies needed to embrace the full potential of Everywhere Work.

Find out how to implement the right solutions to elevate your remote work policies.

Learn how to keep your teams productive and engaged.



Welcome from the MC

James Francis, writer and ITWeb Brainstorm contributor


Trends and Challenges of the modern workplace

Deon Van Der Walt, Solutions Engineer, Think Tank Software Solutions


Showcasing key customer use cases and success stories to illustrate where DEX can unlock value

Paul Bornhütter, Senior Sales Engineer, Ivanti



James Francis, writer and ITWeb Brainstorm contributor

Deon Van Der Walt, Solutions Engineer, Think Tank Software Solutions

Paul Bornhütter, Senior Sales Engineer, Ivanti


MC Wrap-up and close

James Francis, writer and ITWeb Brainstorm contributor


Who should attend?

This event is for you if you are an enterprise business, IT or human capital decision maker in the Technology and Software Services, Financial Services and Banking, Professional Services (Consulting, Accounting, Legal), Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and E-commerce, Government or Education sector. Including:

IT Managers / IT Directors, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Operations Managers, IT Team Managers/Leaders, Business Owners / CEOs / Founders, HR Managers, Process Managers

Event Sponsor

About Think Tank Software Solutions

Think Tank is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions and an Ivanti Premier Partner. We will work hand-in-hand with you, providing strategic guidance and tailored IT solutions to help achieve your business goals and empower your business’ digital ecosystem. With Ivanti spearheading an elevated Everywhere Workplace for businesses across the globe, Think Tank is uniquely positioned to help your organisation create seamless, intuitive, and secure digital user experience. Think Tank’s mission is simple: to empower your business with tailored Ivanti solutions that simplify and automate your IT processes, creating highly personalised digital user experiences for your employees and customers everywhere.

Visit: www.thinktanks.co.za