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Mobiles prove weakest security links

The devices provide easier direct access to more valuable organisational assets than any other intrusion point, says Check Point.


Data value, growth impact data centres

Frost & Sullivan's Gareth Mellon is a keynote speaker at Data Centres: The Next Frontier 2015, taking place on 21 and 22 July.


Vodacom crowns Tarsus Distribution

The distributor was named Vodacom's best-performing enterprise national partner of the year.


SA on cloud networking map

Jurumani Solutions became the first certified Cisco Meraki Partner in SA last month when its lead solutions engineer completed CMNA training in Paris.


Moving towards services-oriented data centres

SA must move towards data centres that are services-oriented and economically efficient using cloud-based software, says TechnoChange Solutions.


Telcos pivotal to SA's smart city drive

More smart city initiatives will come to life in SA as network connectivity improves, says Gemalto.


China's new law seeks to 'control' networks

The country's sweeping national security law aims to make all key network infrastructure and information systems "secure and controllable".


SDN Africa brings Aryaka services to SA

Through the agreement, SA companies can take advantage of cloud applications without being upended by network requirements.


Cisco to buy OpenDNS for $635m

The acquisition aims to boost Cisco's security business as cyber attacks increase in number and sophistication.

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