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ITWeb investigates: Unravelling BWired's network shenanigans

A new storm brews over the Johannesburg broadband network and the city's decision to appoint BWired to operate the infrastructure.

An audit done in 2010 found the COJ spends R431.4 million annually on ICT services.


Last hurdle remains for digital TV

The ICT industry is awaiting additional clarity on the broadcasting digital migration amendment policy, which was approved yesterday.


SA operators do digital battle

Digital services like video and music streaming are a big focus for mobile operators in an era of dwindling voice and SMS revenue.


Industrial Ethernet Extender powers MTM

The Patton Electronics CopperLink CL2300E employs wire-bonding technology to join up to four twisted pairs into a single Ethernet connection.


Telkom moves from copper to wireless

The telco will soon replace its copper-based connection used for its fixed-line prepaid service with wireless technology.


MWeb unveils new FTTH packages

The Internet service provider has introduced its new fibre-to-the-home packages, in accordance with planned fibre line rollout by Telkom.


Huawei bumps up patent portfolio

The company beefs up its patent portfolio ahead of 5G, the next generation of mobile equipment.


Huawei woos US consumers

China's Huawei plans to win over US consumers, releasing new mobile phones and wearable devices backed by a marketing effort.


EU pins hopes on 5G

A leader in 1990s 2G technology, Europe looks to 5G to catch up with the US, Japan and South Korea in the future.

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