Your Salesforce Lightning just got more powerful with 1Stream

Johannesburg, 17 Feb 2020
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Customer relationship management is at the heart of any successful business. For years, Salesforce has been the go-to solution for small, medium and enterprise businesses and it remains the world’s number one CRM system.

In the local South African market, businesses have invested heavily in order to ensure sales teams have access to essential customer data. This investment has proved valuable over time as Salesforce has evolved from its classic solution to the enhanced Salesforce Lightning application, which has been rolled out to existing and new customers. This improved browser-based application offers a more user-friendly experience and is better suited to the customer’s needs.

Naturally, as Salesforce has evolved, so, too have the opportunities for harnessing its capabilities and building on these. South Africa’s leading provider of cloud contact centre solutions, 1Stream, identified such an opportunity and pioneered a full integration with Salesforce Lightning to offer businesses a more holistic CRM solution that integrates seamlessly with its contact centre and telephony system.

The result is increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

With automatic creation of lead, contact and account information as well as screen-pops of customer profiles and history, contact centre agents no longer need to spend valuable time entering or searching for relevant information. In addition, instant access to information all in one application means no more toggling between screens. Instead, agents can focus on delivering quick and efficient support with a more personalised service.

As the first cloud telephony provider in South Africa to integrate with Salesforce Lightning, 1Stream adds value and enables customers to leverage their existing CRM investment. What this means for businesses as a whole is that they are able to make the most of their existing systems and harness the integral role that contact centres play in both CRM and sales.

1Stream’s Salesforce Lightning integration has already been implemented in several large-scale businesses with immense success. The improvements in both productivity and customer satisfaction have been clear, leading to overall business efficiency and profitability.

With the benefits already clearly visible, 1Stream’s integration of contact centre systems with Salesforce Lightning is fast becoming a non-negotiable for businesses.

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