With over 15 years of experience, 2 regional offices, hundreds of installations across Africa, MACmobile enables its customers to seamlessly adopt new technologies, automate their supply chain and provide order-to-invoice generation.

MACmobile collaborates closely with its customers and business partners in 7 countries to accelerate their business performance.


MISSION:To provide integrated or standalone ordering market intelligence, logistics and payment solutions to target users, through innovated user-friendly mobile technology in order to achieve paperless and cashless business processes at compelling cost structures.

VISION:To be a global corner stone for the generic solutions offered to the mobile-centric market place, which can transform and enlighten the way in which customers and businesses communicate information and go about their daily operations.


MACmobile has been raised from the ground up. Built to cater for businesses ranging from informal trade or micro business all the way up to large scale multinational enterprise.

The MACmobile product offering enables the integration, automation and incentivizing of the entire value within the FMCG category from manufacturer through the distributor to merchant and end customer.

MACmobile has assisted companies within 7 countries across Southern and Eastern Africa gain clarity through FIELDForce, FIELDPayment, and FIELDLoyalty.


MACmobile (Pty) Ltd

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MACmobile International

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