Cloud technology as an enabler of

23 June 2021

Online Webinar Series

11:30 – 13:00 (GMT+2)

In this digital era, it is crucial for businesses to integrate latest technologies to ensure maximum efficiency, competitiveness and profitability. Cloud computing, which enables organisations to get the most out of their data, brings flexibility that is needed for innovation by eliminating delays associated with updating legacy infrastructure. Cloud computing is one of the corner stones of digital transformation as it offers more rapid features delivery, stability of operational environments, easier collaboration and much more time to innovate. Join us at this webinar to find out more about:

Cloud technology as an enabler of digital transformation

How cloud provides organisations with a platform where they can easily build, test, and deploy apps.

How cloud computing enables enterprises to easily access and process information, ensuring efficient collaboration and improved productivity

How increasing cloud usage is a top priority for business and tech leaders



Welcome & Introduction


Independent keynote address: The Data and AI Revolution fueled by the cloud.

Cliff De Wit , CTO and Co Founder, Dexterity Digital


How cloud technology is an enabler of digital transformation

Monique Williams , South Africa Country Manager, Hyland Software


Case Study: Why digital transformation is more crucial now than ever

Andrew Griffith , Managing Director, nVisionIT


Panel Discussion

Monique Williams , South Africa Country Manager, Hyland Software

Andrew Griffith , Managing Director, nVisionIT


Q & A


Closing remarks

Who should attend?

Cloud technology as an enabler of digital transformation Webinar will be of considerable interest to a wide range of businesses with a broad range of functions, including, but not limited to, Chief digital officer, CIO, CSO, CTO, Chief Executive Officer, Cloud portfolio manager, Data centre manager, Enterprise architect, Infrastructure manager, and network manager.

Learn how cloud technologies are enabling business in the digital era

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