Remote video surveillance, monitoring becomes reality

Johannesburg, 19 May 2004
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Official distributor of the SerVision range of security products, Graphic Image Technologies, has introduced a range of exceptional low bit-rate video surveillance products for the mobile security market.

Traditional digital video recorders (DVRs) have been designed to operate in the LAN environment on a closed network. These systems operate effectively in a high bandwidth environment but are typically limited to operating locally. Migrating these solutions to WAN environment tends to result in high bandwidth utilisation and require expensive dedicated links.

SerVision offer a true narrowband solution capable of delivering video at rates from 10Kbps to 2Mbps. "These systems allow operators to deliver up to five live video feeds over a standard 64Kbps link, finally making remote monitoring an affordable reality," says Mark Chertkow, MD of Graphic Image Technologies.

In addition, these video feeds can be viewed over both dial-up and mobile GSM links, making remote video surveillance an affordable reality.

By integrating wireless access technologies, the video content becomes a mobile campus-wide facility with both productivity and security benefits.

Benefits associated with remote monitoring include alarm verification, improved productivity, improved security management as well as management of armed response services. By allowing management to access remote sites on alarm, CCTV becomes a proactive response tool instead of a post event investigative solution.

The value proposition of off-site monitoring includes saving on control room staff and better facilities management. By integrating alarm systems with video, remote response teams can react to the alarms immediately by making a decision based on video feeds linked directly to the alarm in real-time. The effective use of bandwidth in a narrowband environment makes the application of video surveillance over remote links an affordable solution in both the mobile and fixed environments.

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