Sim Chiwanza Information security officer on Building on your purpose | Exploring Careers in tech #7

In this episode of "Exploring Careers in Tech," we delve into the world of information security with Sim Chiwanza, an Information Security Officer at Old Mutual. Sim shares his journey as a young professional, navigating through major banks and institutions. He emphasises that each individual's career path is unique and influenced by various factors. However, he stresses that possessing the right skills, personality, and being in the right place at the right time are crucial for success. Networking is highlighted as essential for breaking into the industry. Sim underscores the importance of seeking knowledge, building relationships, and gaining influence with peers. He outlines key principles for entering a specific field, including setting goals and recognising the role of education and finance. Sim emphasises that education provides a foundational role, but it's crucial to apply learned skills and adapt to changing landscapes. For aspiring security professionals, Sim recommends immersing oneself in cyber

Published on 08 May 2024