CyberTech awarded DigiCert Platinum Partner status

The company will provide end-to-end encryption and other services through DigiCert’s portfolio of digital certificates and automated certificate management services.

Johannesburg, 12 Jun 2019
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CyberTech, a division of JSE-listed Altron, has become a Platinum Partner of DigiCert, the world’s leading provider of TLS/SSL, IOT and PKI solutions that ensure authentication, encryption and integrity for Web sites, enterprise digital applications and the Internet of things (IOT). 

As a Platinum Partner of DigiCert, CyberTech will be able to provide South African companies of all sizes with end-to-end encryption and other services through DigiCert’s complete portfolio of digital certificates and automated certificate management services.

“DigiCert sees CyberTech as a strong, publicly secure and reliable ICT provider, and has authorised us to offer its globally leading security solutions to South African businesses,” says Boland Lithebe, Managing Executive of CyberTech. 

“CyberTech has long worked with DigiCert and, as a Platinum Partner, we will be able to ensure that South African clients have access to the best and most suitable technology for their growing online security needs.

“DigiCert has a strong reputation and is trusted by nearly all the world’s leading businesses to protect data exchanged online. DigiCert TLS certificates are necessary for online shoppers and businesses alike to know that their sensitive personal information is protected in cyberspace by using a secure connection. 

"Web owners that purchase these certificates can be assured that they have a trusted partner and have effective risk and compliance processes in place, especially as cyber attacks become more sophisticated and continue to evolve.”

There are many benefits for vendors that incorporate DigiCert’s certificates, from encrypting sensitive data for PCI compliance to building the credibility with their users that their site is authentic and not a fake one set up by cyber criminals. 

HTTPs is a must-have in today’s digital economy, and DigiCert’s automated solutions make TLS easy to deploy and manage, with the backing of the world’s most trusted certificate solutions provider. Beyond TLS, DigiCert offers a wide variety of the industry’s best solutions for securing IOT devices, as well as enterprise applications, users and devices.

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