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Wearables soon to be commonplace in enterprise

The growing IOT market, advances in AR and the arrival of 5G will all play a role in workplace wearable adoption.

Three things impacting automation

The world around us is digitally transforming and nobody can afford to get left behind.

IOT security spending to reach $1.5bn in 2018

Nearly 20% of global organisations have experienced one IOT-based attack in the past three years, says Gartner.

SA corporates poised to embrace emerging technologies

There's a rapidly growing readiness to adopt technologies like robotics, IOT and machine learning, says a joint study.

IOT helps transport sector reduce carbon footprint

A revolution that will increase efficiency is fast approaching, spearheaded by the Internet of things, big data and automation.

'Smart cameras turned into surveillance tools'

Attackers can remotely disable these devices, execute arbitrary malicious code on them and commit other acts of malfeasance, warns Kaspersky Lab.

Sqwidnet, SMME IOT partner to connect 1m devices by 2023

15 Mar

The local network provider signs a channel partnership agreement with SMME IOT to connect one million devices within the next five years.

Lowering the 'normal' cost of maintenance

Today, new integrated EAM systems pay companies back by optimising the efficiency and reliability of the core equipment that managers depend on, says Softworx.

Hackathons seek drought-prevention solutions

City officials, business leaders and tech gurus are rallying together to find viable solutions to the national drought disaster in SA.

GitHub was 'most powerful DDOS in history'

The breach employed a DDOS technique that is growing in popularity as it needs no botnet, warns Akamai.

5G still far off for most mobile users

5 Mar

Despite the fast track towards 5G usage by the telecoms industry, many consumers will only experience the wireless technology in 2020.

VMware extends IOT strategy

Building an edge computing solution today is a time-intensive exercise most enterprises can't afford, says VMware.