Software AG a 'strong performer' in IIOT

Cumulocity IoT received the highest current offering score among other strong performers in a 24-criteria evaluation in The Forrester Wave report.


Huawei puts AI at centre of smart cities

At the Huawei Connect event, the company discussed how to build new smart cities using artificial intelligence.


Independent study reveals state of IOT deployment

The VansonBourne Survey, sponsored by Software AG, finds 90% of respondents experience barriers to effective IOT implementation.


Collaboration is key to IOT success

The Internet of things (IOT) holds the potential to be the foundation of a truly intelligent world. However, ensuring its success will depend on utilising an open source approach to development.


IOT to deliver payback in under three years, says Fujitsu survey

A new Fujitsu survey finds Internet of things (IOT) technology has reached early mainstream, with business and IT leaders expecting tangible results in three years or less.


Open Data Initiative to empower a new generation of customer experiences

Industry leaders team up to help customers connect data across their organisations, find powerful insights and deliver intelligent services with AI.


The cloud of today... and tomorrow

Customers are recognising the value of the cloud and driving demand for it, which will position them to leverage cloud-driven future technologies like ubiquitous computing and intelligent edge.


SqwidNet makes Phathizwe Malinga permanent MD

Internet of things player SqwidNet finally appoints a permanent MD to replace Reshaad Sha, who left in April.


The giant robot called IOT

The rise of a global IOT network is creating an exponentially growing, giant, Internet-connected global robot.

8 Oct

Adding sensors to RFID tags enables IOT apps

Integrating a sensor into a passive RFID tag makes it possible to do away with batteries and wiring, says Osiris Technical Systems.


Is your business at the edge?

It's estimated that 95% of what we do will be connected by 2020. Are you ready for it?