16 Sep

Your network can make or break mining operations

Reliable connectivity is the foundation for improving mining operations, safety and profitability.


Operators ramp up eSIM services but adoption remains low

Despite significant progress in the commercial availability of eSIM devices, Sub-Saharan Africa shows the lowest adoption and service rollout rate.


Get rid of IT jargon to drive business transformation

Buzzwords, particularly those that are not directly linked to a specific technology such as VPN or 5G, often come to mean different things to different people.

13 Sep

Digital mine transforming the industry: A glimpse at the role of IOT

Considering the numerous incentives IOT brings, many large mining companies are planning and evaluating ways to start their digital journey to manage day-to-day mining operations.

13 Sep

Attacq sees success with high-rise development The Mix

Attacq and JV partner D2E Properties introduced 24 two-bedroom and 2.5-bathroom duplexes and 12 curated penthouses with larger balconies and two parking bays to The Mix.


Healthcare tech developments could endanger patients

Smart healthcare tech exposes patients to new threats, warns Fortinet.


Huawei maintains market share in SA amid global woes

Although the US sanctions have taken a toll on the company globally, it has shown resilience in the South African market, says CTO Akhram Mohamed.


Building loyalty is critical during times of COVID-19

If a brand can convey relevant messages to a regular customer with the potential for discounts or specials customised for that user, it will start growing its business more effectively.


Spaza shops can become a hub of learning, skills development

Once digital solutions are in place, the technology can be extended to benefit the community at large with a platform to assist with educating and growth opportunities, says Andrew Dawson, MD at MACmobile.


Wireless is the answer to mining connectivity challenges

The harsh nature of a mining environment, along with its nomadic nature, means licensed wireless is the ideal solution for delivering reliable and future-proof connectivity and increased digital benefits.


First, choose what not to do

The next automation frontier is composed of multifaceted automation capabilities.


Sizwe Africa IT Group, Huawei make the cloud journey less daunting

Sizwe Africa IT Group holds more than 70 Huawei Cloud security certifications, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing clients with secure ICT solutions.