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Comsol welcomes Greg Montjoie to the team

Montjoie joins the telecoms player to spearhead its Internet of things business.

4G drone tracking tech on the cards for SA


Vodafone continues to re-invent its business strategy with the introduction of IOT drone tracking and safety technology.

Lessons to be learnt in IIOT, machine learning

The African Leadership University, in partnership with General Electric, offers an industrial Internet programme aimed at gearing up for Industry 4.0.

Open source intelligent solutions to transform work, businesses

New open source intelligent solutions are set to change the way people interact with systems and to transform their businesses, says SUSE.

The Africa contradiction

Tech vs humans: anecdotes from Africa and what it intimates for the future of retail.

Kaspersky, ITU-T strengthen IOT security

Attacks on cyber-physical systems can affect not only the information aspects, but also functional safety, says Kaspersky Lab.

No forced retrenchments as BCX consolidates

15 Feb

New CEO Ian Russell lays down the law at BCX, saying consolidation is ahead but staff members are likely to escape unscathed.

20bn IOT devices by 2023

The Ericcson 2017 Mobility Report forecasts that by 2023, there will be over 30 billion connected devices, of which around 20 billion will be related to IOT.

'Rubbish' IOT security can bolster total network

Considering the sheer volume of IOT devices, it's not surprising hackers have automated the process to hack them, says Tallen Harmsen, head of Cyber Security at IndigoCube.

Vox enters IOT, digital entertainment market

2 Feb

Vox's Jacques du Toit says the company is in the process of reinventing itself.