DMC TECHNOLOGY SERVICES strengthens foothold in managed services

Johannesburg, 05 Nov 2010
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The recent merger between DMC TECHNOLOGY SERVICES and Alacritous Technology Services & Consulting (ATSC) has left the company well structured and positioned to fill-in gaps in its offerings.

The added expertise has no doubt added to the depth and breadth of intellectual property within the company and allowed management to proactively explore ways of deploying new revenue streams and broaden its footprint in the marketplace. Exploring new markets to leverage its strength will not only increase the company's turnover, but will also add to profitability for its clients.

With the current pool of skills and knowledge, DMC TECHNOLOGY SERVICES is poised to deliver more robust technologies and services for its clients. It is against this backdrop that the company has recently re-launched the Managed IT Support Services Division. This division will bring to market repackaged and much enhanced offerings to its traditional services.

According to Andrew Davids, DMC TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Managing Director, Managed IT Support Services allows small to large companies an affordable means to acquire the necessary skills and resources to proactively manage their investment in information and communication technology.

He added that the company makes use of best practice IT services management methodologies and a combination of more than 50 years' combined operational experience to deliver world-class Managed IT Support Services.

Conrad Day, DMC TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Director of Technology and Architecture, points out that traditionally, SME's IT support service was a reactive 'break-fix' model, very much like when the toilet fails to flush, you call a plumber who bills you for his time. The plumber seldom points out inexpensive preventative repairs while onsite, rather waiting for more lucrative call-outs in the future.

He explains that with a 'break-fix' model, there is no incentive for the service provider to get the client to a stable and well running environment. The more unstable the environment, the more lucrative for the 'break fix' service provider, and the costs to clients are unpredictable with infrastructure not running optimally.

“Managed services guarantee consistent and measurable service regulated by service level agreements and agreed upon fee structures,” he says.

Conrad's advice to clients when considering managed services, inter alia:

* It is difficult to find and retain IT resources, managed service providers are a more attractive employment avenue for these scarce resources and the flux of staff turnaround has no impact on the client.
* The managed service provider is able to benefit from economies of scale from which the client benefit directly.
* The managed service provider is incentivised, and therefore has a vested interest, to proactively maintain your IT systems, improving the availability of your systems.
* The managed service provider is in a better position to identify and invest in technology to improve the proactive management of ICTs.

In addition, Conrad points out the following benefits to clients:

* Fixed monthly services fee.
* Contracted service levels (response times, meantime to repair etc).
* Improved and measured availability.
* We are incentivised to improve the stability of the IT infrastructure.

The need for IT managed services differ greatly from business to business, it could vary from a complete IT outsource; including desktop, network, servers and application support to where only specialist skills in a specific technology are required eg, database administration, systems administration, security administration. DMC's support service model is customer centric, comprehensive yet flexible, to accommodate our customers' exacting requirements. The service is scalable and is designed to scale according to the business's expansion or contraction.

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