White paper: Best practices for identity governance in multi-cloud environments

Johannesburg, 22 Jun 2020
Read time 1min 00sec

These days, more than three out of four businesses use multiple cloud platforms. This gives them the freedom to match the requirements of each use case to the unique strengths of each cloud platform, whether it’s AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

What these businesses lack, however, is a way to effectively and securely govern access across these multi-cloud environments. These challenges leave businesses open to the risks and costs of non-compliance, cyber attacks and just plain human error.

Some may use native tools with basic identity and access management for a single platform, but this is not governance. This lack of governance also stifles productivity and growth – if users can’t get the access they need when they need it, work doesn’t get done.

In this white paper, you’ll learn about the best practices you can implement to get the most out of your multi-cloud environment without compromising on security: comprehensive visibility and discovery, robust protection and tighter governance.

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