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Riverbed rebrands to focus on digital performance

It will work with companies to achieve their digital transformation and help them rethink how their businesses should work.

Finding a new definition of storage

Balancing cost, performance and reliability has always been storage's biggest challenge - but a software-defined approach can overcome this.

Change your security culture

Paying for a business technology service is convenient and amazing. But it should be your catalyst for new security, not your destination.

Making cloud solutions more accessible to SA's government

Microsoft has worked to make its cloud offerings not only scalable, reliable, and manageable, but also to ensure its customers' data is protected, says Siya Madyibi, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs Director at Microsoft South Africa.

ATM-style self-dispensing pharmacy unit launched


The Pharmacy Dispensing Unit, unveiled in Alexandra, Johannesburg, allows quick dispensing of medication with guidance from a tele-pharmacist.

MS Azure data centres will change the game in SA


Citrix believes the arrival of Azure data centres in the country will lead to more local organisations moving their workloads to the cloud.

Sqwidnet, SMME IOT partner to connect 1m devices by 2023


The local network provider signs a channel partnership agreement with SMME IOT to connect one million devices within the next five years.

Internship programme to train students in open source

This will give graduates Linux, cloud computing and IT security skills - helping to close the ICT skills gap in SA.

First Distribution joins Red Hat cloud and SP programme


The Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider programme allows it host and resell certified Red Hat offerings on-demand.

Intiva Health debuts token sale, expands platform

The Intiva Token will offer incentives to medical professionals for participating in the Intiva Health Platform.