Mindjet introduces MindManager 14 for Windows, the most powerful version to date

MindManager 14 for Windows boosts productivity and planning with extensive new features and capabilities added to mind mapping software.

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Mindjet has announced the public availability of MindManager 14 for Windows, the most powerful version of the company's desktop productivity software. With an expanded feature set that enables increased productivity, MindManager 14 helps today's hurried business professionals keep their projects on track and on time.

MindManager 14 is the most flexible, intuitive way to visually brainstorm ideas, organise information, develop actionable strategies and communicate results.

MindManager is the leading mind mapping and business planning software used by more than two million professionals within 83% of the Fortune 100. MindManager allows you to map your ideas and information visually, starting with a central idea or topic surrounded by subtopics or "branches". The MindManager map is a visual information diagram that communicates the creator's thoughts with the benefits of interactive embedded data, live hyperlinks, collaboration capabilities, project management features and much more.

MindManager 14 for Windows helps address the top three critical innovation and operational concerns listed in The Conference Board's 2013 Survey on Executive Challenges (see chart below):

CEO concern:Leading strategy to address concern:
Human capital Grow talent internally
Operational excellenceRaise employee engagement and productivity
InnovationApply new technologies (product, process, information and so on.)

According to that study, these challenges can be effectively addressed by increasing employee productivity, a hallmark benefit of MindManager technology.

New features to enhance productivity and planning

MindManager 14 for Windows builds on Mindjet's information mapping capabilities and includes enhanced individual productivity and planning features so that individuals and teams can accomplish more while being more creative and, at the same time, ensure project success and improve communication by organising and presenting information in a visual context.

MindManager's new features improve the ability of businesses to make better decisions, innovate and drive growth by enabling users to build a more accurate view of the underlying structure of complex problems or projects.

New feature highlights include:

* Comprehensive business planning and budgeting capabilities: Build formulas directly into the map to dramatically expand the quantitative capabilities to help drive your business. Includes advanced quantitative features to analyse costs, benefits, risks and other numerical data for better and easier budgeting, sales forecasting, portfolio management, event planning and cost/benefit analysis.

* Dynamic dashboards: Visual decision-making and "what-if" analysis via conditional formatting enables users to automatically colour code and highlight topics based on pre-set criteria and thresholds. Users can now better visualise opportunities and risks for better decisions.

* Major usability enhancements: Improved usability, including a perfected map index pane for "at-a-glance" organisation and views of detailed map information. New drag-and-drop enhancements to easily move files, images and attachments from other maps, the desktop, online folders and Outlook, providing the quickest management of project-related documents and files.

"Businesses routinely rank productivity and innovation as top business priorities, while at the same time struggling to find better ways of making decisions and improving their employees' output," said Mindjet Chief Marketing Officer, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff. "MindManager 14 gives individuals and teams a powerful visual whiteboard to clearly understand the impact of new ideas and initiatives, plan for success and see their projects through to completion. Our goal with MindManager 14 is nothing short of dramatically improving an organisation's creativity, project planning, performance and innovation."

MindManager 14 complements the project management capabilities of Mindjet's other products, such as the recently launched ProjectDirector, a complete online software suite that helps businesses take ideas through to project completion.

Mindjet for Windows is available immediately. For more information, visit the Mindjet Web site or the Mindjet blog.

Please see video link for a quick, two-minute overview on MindManager 14 for Windows:


Mindjet software makes team collaboration on projects simple and smart by getting what's important out front: your ideas. Brainstorm and plan on virtual whiteboards, create and co-edit plans, share files, and keep everyone on the same page with real-time task and project management. Mindjet is used by 83% of the Fortune 100 and works with your current IT investments and on whatever Web-enabled devices you use. It integrates with your most-used enterprise apps, including Microsoft Office and Project, SharePoint, Yammer and Box.

For more information, visit www.mindjet.com.

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