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Security-as-a-service grows 21% in 2017

SAAS growth will continue strongly through 2018 and 2019, as vendors keep improving their portfolios and delivery method.

Digital Geekaship introduces online software development training

Classes will be delivered virtually via an online learning management system and online mentoring, the company says.

Going global with glass


Sage X3 with Parity enabled Consol to deploy a full retail solution in three months, says Parity Software.

Anti-racism app a hit with South Africans

The Zimele Racism Reporting App makes headway in tackling racism in SA by giving a voice to the voiceless.

Vivaldi and DuckDuckGo partner to boost user privacy

Twenty-four percent of adults in the US are taking significant action to protect their online privacy, says a survey.

Huawei gears up to create its own ecosystem


The Chinese manufacturer will unveil a host of apps, made exclusively for Huawei smartphones, in SA by the end of this year.

The Big Five: enterprise software trends to watch in 2018

From user experience to automation - a big shakeup is set to take place in the enterprise software space.

Data proliferation drives cloud storage adoption

Data security remains key and companies must address this to avoid instances of non-compliance, says PBT Group.

More support for OS among managers than developers

This was one of the findings of the Gitlab Global Developer Survey which took place towards the end of 2017.

New app for public transport commuters

The "Gauteng on the Move" app is now available to enable users to plan their journeys, with the option to select their preferred transport service.